Not-fried-in-oil Latkes (potato Pancakes)

Ingredients & Directions

6 Potatoes, scrubbed but not
1 md Sweet onion
2 Egg whites or equivalent
1/4 ts Salt
2 tb Matzo meal
2 tb Whole wheat flour, or white
-flour if desired

Shred potatoes and onion (I use a food processor). Drain liquid. Beat egg
whites and add with other ingredients to potato and onion mixture. Add more
matzo meal as needed until latkes are a thick consistency.

Spray a non-stick frying pan with vegetable spray. Heat over medium heat.
Add 1/4 cup latke mixture for each latke. Flatten slightly to make an even
pancake. Cook over medium heat until browned on the bottom, turn over with
wide spatula and cook on the other side. Spray a bit more vegetable spray,
if needed. Turn latkes over several more times if needed to get the inside
cooked. (I had to add a little more vegetable spray each time I turned them
over – still MUCH better than frying in oil.)

Heat oven to 325 degrees F. While continuing to cook the rest of the
latkes, transfer cooked latkes to a pizza pan with holes and place in oven.
They will continue cooking and get crispier. (And they don’t drip because
there isn’t oil accumulated in them.)

Note: Shredding the potatoes is the trick for me. The shredded edges help
make the latkes crisp, even when not fried in oil.

12 Latkes

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