Mocha Moose Cake By William Blaylock

Ingredients & Directions

1 qt REAL dairy cream 1 pk Unflavored knox geletain
1 pk Yogurt starter 2 c Brown sugar
1 oz DARK UNSWETENED chocolate 2 Pie crust (chocolate pref)
1/4 c UNDUTCHED coco

heat cream to 180 degrees and hold for 5 mins. add chocolate, coco
and geletain. cool to 110 degrees. add yogurt starter, and stir well
(but not enough to solidify the cream). culture for 8 hours at 70 to
100 degrees. chill for 8 hours. if you are in a hurry or lazy (like
I usually am) reheat to about 80 degrees and add the brown sugar.
whip to stiff peaks and pour into two pie crusts. freeze for at
least 1 hour before serving.

16 pieces

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