Hershey Bar Cake

Ingredients & Directions

1/2 lb Butter
2 c Sugar
4 Eggs
1 cn (16-ounce) Hershey syrup
2 1/2 c Flour
1/2 ts Baking soda
1/4 ts Salt
1 c Buttermilk or sour cream
2 ts Vanilla extract
8 5-cent Hershey bars *Note

NOTE: (I use what use to be and 8 ounce bar, now it’s 7 ounces. However,
the have just recently come out again with the 8 ounce bars again, but
probably not for very long. If you cannot find anything by the 7 ounce bar,
I add to it with a small bar or another cutting 1 ounce off a large bar of
Hershey’s.) 1 pint of heavy whipping cream, optional for garnish

I have taken so many recipes to day, thought I just post one of my family’s
favorite. This recipe is not in the Hershey cookbooks that I have, my aunt
gave it to me over 27 years ago.

Cream sugar and butter, add eggs one at a time. Beat thoroughly. Add
Hershey syrup.

Measure flour, salt, soda; sift together; add alternately to other mixture
with buttermilk or sour cream. (Remembering if you start with flour mixture
you should end up with buttermilk or sour cream.) Add vanilla and melted
Hershey bars.

Grease and flour an angel food tube pan. Bake at 325 degrees F. for 1 1/2
hours. Do not over bake. Cake will be done when cake tester or toothpick
insterted comes out clean.

This cake needs no frosting. Dust with powdered sugar on top before
serving. I cut very thin slices, because this cake is so rich. I also add a
dallop of whipping cream on top to make it a more elegant.

NOTE: 1) I have kept this cake wrapped tightly in foil, and it stayed moist
and delicious for eight days (That’s the longest I had any left.). 2) I
also use nonfat sour cream. With all the fat in this recipe, you really
can’t tell the difference.

1 Servings

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