Helen’s Brown Sugar Cake

Ingredients & Directions

2 c Packed brown sugar
2 c All-purpose flour
1/2 ts Salt
1/2 c Margarine — not diet
1 lg Egg
1 c Buttermilk
1 ts Baking soda

1. Combine sugar, flour and salt. Cut in the margarine until the particles
are the size of peas. Reserve 3/4 cup of this mixture for topping. 2. Stir
baking soda into buttermilk; add to flour mixture along with unbeaten egg.
Blend well. 3. Pour batter into a greased and floured 9 x 13 x 2-inch pan.
Sprinkle the reserved topping on batter. Bake in preheated 350-degree oven
for 35-45 minutes.

1 Servings

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