Hardy Oatmeal Bread

Ingredients & Directions

6 c All-purpose flour;
1/2 c Whole wheat flour;
2 tb Brown sugar
2 tb Butter
2 tb Yeast
1 tb Salt
2 c Oatmeal
2 c Hot water
2/3 c Warm water

Pour 2 cups hot water over oatmeal. Set aside. Mix brown sugar into 2/3 cup
warm water and add yeast to proof. When yeast has foamed & frothed to
about twice the original volume, add to oatmeal mixture. Add remaining
ingredients. Knead well. Let rise until doubled. Punch down shape into
loaves and let rise again. Bake at 350 degrees F for 30 minutes. Makes 2-3

36 Servings

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