Grape-nuts Fruit Cake

Ingredients & Directions

1 lb Fruit cake mix 2 ts Baking powder
1 lb Raisins 2 ts Nutmeg; (1-2 tsp)
2 c Cereal, Grape-Nuts 2 ts Cinnamon; (1-2 tsp)
1 c Sugar 1 c Egg beaters
1 c Flour 1 ts Vanilla

Line a tube pan with a heavy brown paper. Spray with a non-fat cooking
spray. Combine fruit cake mix, raisins and Grape-Nuts. Sift dry
ingredients together; mix with fruits and cereal. Beat Egg Beaters
with vanilla; pour over fruit mixture. Mix well. Pack into pan. Bake
at 250F for 1hr 45min to 2 hours. Top of fruit cake may be decorated
by removing cake from oven after 1 hour and garnishing with
pineappple slices and halved cherries. Return to oven to complete
baking time. Cool completely before removing from pan; preferably
overnight. Yield: 5 lb cake

per serving: 156Cal, 0.2gFat, 2.5gPro, 38gCarb, 122mgNa, 1% calories
from fat

from: Butter Busters by Pam Mycoskie posted by Jeanne Geake

32 servings

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