Ingredients & Directions

4 c Sugar
1 1/3 c Dr Pepper
4 oz Grated unsweetened chocolate
4 tb White corn syrup
1/2 c Butter or margarine
2 ts Vanilla
1 c Chopped nuts; (optional) (up
-to 2)

Place sugar, Dr Pepper, grated chocolate and corn syrup in heavy sauce pan.
Cook very slowly, stirring constantly until sugar and chocolate is
thoroughly dissolved. Continue cooking on low medium heat until temperature
of 236? or soft ball stage is reached. Remove from heat and cool at room
temperature to lukewarm, 110?. Add butter and vanilla. Beat until the candy
loses its shiny look; add nuts, if desired. Pour into slightly buttered
pans. When cold, cut into squares.

Yield: 36 (2 1/2 inch) pieces

1 Servings

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