Day Of The Dead Bread

Ingredients & Directions

1 ts Cornmeal
2 Loaves frozen bread dough,
1 Egg lightly beaten
2 tb Cinnamon -and-
1 ts Ground sugar -and-
1 ts Honey, mixed to make a

(“Finger Food” (no pun intended); Makes 2 Loaves — Great for parties!):

Sprinkle cornmeal onto cooking sheet. Place the frozen bread dough onto
the cooking sheet, and brush beaten egg on dough with pastry brush. Form
dough into the shape of grave stones, coffins, CoTN, etc. (HINT: using a
toothpick, carefully etch words onto the gravestones! i.e. “Here lies
Bob”–Ok bad example….live with it) Bake Bread at 375 degrees until
Golden Brown, or until done. Immediately take out of oven and brush on
cinnamon glaze. Serve hot for best results
:)= Bone-apetite’

1 Servings

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