Cornbread Dressing #2

Ingredients & Directions

1 Pan of your favorite
4 -(up to)
6 sl White bread
1/2 lb Ground meat
1 Stick butter
1 lg Onion; chopped
6 Cloves (small) garlic;
1 sm Bell pepper; chopped
1 ts Thyme
1 ts Celery salt
Salt & pepper to taste
2 Eggs; slightly beaten

Break both kinds of bread in small pieces. If chicken stock is available,
use enough to moisten breads (if not, use water). Heat butter in skillet
and add meat, onions, celery, pepper and garlic. Cook until meat is done.
Add seasonings. mix lightly, add to bread mixture. Toss lightly with fork
and add eggs; toss again. Put in greased baking dish and bake 30 minutes at
350 degrees.

From A Taste of Louisiana. Downloaded from Glen’s MM Recipe Archive,

8 Servings

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