Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ingredients & Directions

2 1/2 c Basic cookie mix
1/4 c Sour cream
1/4 c Maraschino cherries*
1 c Semi-sweet chocolate
1 c Nuts — chopped
30 Maraschino halves***

*Well drained, and finely chopped. **Hershey’s. ***Well drained Stir
together cookie mix, sour cream, cherries, and chocolate chips in a large
bowl. Shape into 1-inch balls; roll in nuts. Place on a greased cookie
sheet. Garnish each with a cherry half. Bake at 375 F. for 8 to 10 minutes.
Remove from cookie sheet, cool on a wire rack. Yield: Approximately 2-1/2

30 Servings

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